Introducing Comedy Magician Extraordinaire!...

Comedy Magic & Magic Tricks

Max’s Tricks

Max does a number of comedy magic tricks for every show, they combine with magic and comedy to bring fun and excitement to every show! Rabbits, water, cards, and all kinds of whatnot, you name it and it could be in the show!

What to Expect

The magic of Max the Magician is world class, mystifying, and completely entertaining. There are no bad seats as Max involves everyone – and its good clean family fun entertainment.

Your $100 might be burned to ashes. Water may vanish from above your head. Doves may appear and magically transport to other locations. A large friendly rabbit may appear from thin air. You might survive a hilarious knife throwing farce. Your very mind may be entered and the contents made known to all. The CEO of your company might wind up with a toilet plunger on his head, unbeknownst by him. (Oh yeah – you will get your $100 back… eventually)

The Max the Magician show is 100% good clean fun. And we do mean fun! The laughs never stop. More than just cards and ropes, Max uses beautiful professional props, music and live animals for an unforgettable evening of great entertainment. A good sound system is of utmost priority – Max brings his own or can connect to yours so no one misses anything. The music, hilarious comedy, world class mystifying magic, audience participation and overall party atmosphere combine to make the perfect evening of entertainment for your event!

Max performing
Max doing trick