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Baltimore Magic Seminar

Ice McDonald and Eric Anderson are 2 very good veteran magicians. They both have different styles but both are professional, elegant and very magical. They are friends, both very successful and wanted to “give back” to the magic community. They decided to do an all day super seminar for magicians and present everything a magician could possibly need to know to be a success. A seminar like this would take many hours, so rather than spread it out over several days they decided to squeeze it all into one day.

The amazing part was they said it would be free. What? Nothing is free. They explained that they wanted to video the entire day and edit it into a commercial program that they would market. So money would be made, but the best audience for something like this would be a group of magicians that got in for free. A $50 deposit was required that was to be refunded when you got there.

They emailed me in December with the details, and I was very intrigued. The date was set for January 10, Saturday in Baltimore. I haven’t been back East for a while and it sounded like a worth while trip. So I flew out Friday and enjoyed a nice flight. Got my rental car and stayed in a hotel near the airport.

The seminar was great. It was in the “magic room” in the back of Denny & Lee’s (Denny Haney) magic shop, starting time was 8:00 AM sharp. There were about 50 magicians there eating donuts and soft pretzels; I had forgotten that soft pretzels were a staple of the diet back east. Everyone checked in and received a name badge and personalized packet of information and CDs. We were all wondering why the $50 deposit wasn’t mentioned, and Eric announced that it was all refunded into our credit cards the night before. So it started out classy.

The seminar went from 8:00 in the morning till about midnight with meal breaks and a couple of other short breaks. So very intense. Eric and Ice (Kendrick) covered Performance, Presentation, Marketing and Business. I especially liked the marketing and business segments with their advice on contracts, talent agencies, music copyright laws, insurance, promotional DVDs, managers, and even things like international travel, travel with animals, what you do if your show luggage gets lost by the airlines, etc.

At the end of the evening they offered a discount to anyone at the seminar for the 17 DVD set when it’s finished, and a number of the participants reserved a set. I didn’t as I took good notes and felt like a lot of the information was for things I am already doing. I did a video testimonial for them to use, and I hope they do well selling the 17 DVD set. I highly recommend it for any magician that’s serious about stepping it up.

Sunday morning I decided to drive down to Washington DC and see the national monuments. It’s only a 45 minute drive from Baltimore but when I got there I was met with major traffic gridlock. This surprised me especially for a Sunday morning. When I got within a block of the national mall I looked down the block and saw a major parade going. Bands, cheerleaders, motorcycle police, the whole parade thing. I asked a person what was going on, and he said it was a dress rehearsal parade for the inauguration the next week.

Apparently they even had stand-in people and vehicles for the President and others so everyone knows where they go and what they are supposed to do. And I would guess it’s a good time for the secret service and police to figure out the security issues. Anyway, I got to see part of the inaugural parade in DC and it was cool. Got lost on the way out of town and got a major headache and it was a relief to sleep on the plane ride home.

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