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Eagle Quest of Nevada

I had 22 shows in July, it was a very busy month. 4 shows stood out as quite an experience. They were all for the same company, Eagle Quest of Nevada based in Las Vegas. Here is an excerpt from their web site:
Eagle Quest opened its doors to Las Vegas’ at-risk youth in July of 2003. For the first couple of months, Eagle Quest consisted of less than fifteen youth. During the first year, we implemented a high-adventure outdoor skills and Boy Scout program. This program, in combination with our scrap-booking program for our female clientele would soon set Eagle Quest apart from our competitors and define our future.

Today, our non-profit corporation serves over 85 youth, who have been physically, sexually, and/or mentally abused. We offer our clients opportunities that have never been offered to them before, such as annual whitewater rafting trips in Moab, Utah, and week-long high adventure camps, which consist of mountain climbing, biking, and hiking.

In 2006, Eagle Quest was fortunate enough to purchase a recreation center for Las Vegas’ foster children. Our future vision is to have a spacious swimming pool, full size basketball court, and pool tables, where youth cam come together to congregate free of society’s life stressors (gangs, drugs, prostitution, etc.) This recreation center will provide twenty-four hour supervision and an atmosphere that is structured and therapeutic.

Recently, Eagle Quest also acquired one hundred sixty acres in central Utah. This land will be developed as a high adventure camp for foster youth throughout the Las Vegas Community. At-risk youth will be able to experience the wonders of the great outdoors.

The future camp will also serve as a retreat for foster parents who work so hard to help troubled youth. By Christmas of this year, Eagle Quest hopes to serve over one hundred foster children in the valley.

With donators such as Rhodes Homes and Money Tree, Eagle Quest has the ability to provide more services to these greatly disadvantaged youth. We are always looking for other local business and individuals to help us in our quest to better the lives of at-risk children in the Las Vegas community.

In my next post I will talk about the 4 shows I did for Eagle Quest and the foster children.

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